Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd Subscription Box

I recently subscribed to The Melt Crowd Subscription box from Flamingo Candles. This is a monthly subscription box containing 8 wax melts. If you’re not familiar with the concept of wax melts, they are scented wax -kind of like a candle with no wick – which you need to melt in a burner. You will be sent a burner free with your first box. A melt crowd subscription costs £10 a month (including delivery) and the September box is my second box – a little present to myself with some of the money I was given for my birthday! I thought I’d run through and tell you what my box contained and what I thought.

Flamingo Candles melt crowd box

  • Strawberries & Champagne – This scent was on my list of fragrances I wanted to try, so I was pleased that this was included. I thought it smelled a little bit like strawberry laces and it was so fruity and summery. I’d buy this scent again.
  • Green Apples – Another that was on my to try list. It smells like the apple scented shampoo I used to buy and is very fresh and crisp. I thought it made the house smell like it had just been cleaned. Another one I’d buy again.
  • Macaroon & Almond – Of all the scents included this month, the only one I wouldn’t have picked out was this. It seems I have good instincts as I really wasn’t keen on it. The almond scent is very overpowering and too strong for my tastes. I haven’t burned this yet and I’m not completely sure I will, I’m afraid!
  • Rose & Marshmallow – This scent is lovely. It’s quite subtle and actually reminded me of the scent of carnations rather than roses. I love the mix of floral and sweet and it sounds an odd thing to say, but I think it has a sort of vintage scent. I think this one would be lovely to melt in spring.
  • Seville Orange – My husband really likes this one, I thought it was quite nice, but not special enough to repurchase. It smells a lot like orangeade to me. I think this one was an exclusive Melt Crowd scent.
  • But First Coffee – Another one I think is exclusive to The Melt Crowd. I wasn’t particularly keen on this. My husband said is smelled like chocolate, but to me it smelled like coffee mixed with aftershave! It’s a scent that has grown on me a bit though.
  • Thunderstorm – I was glad this one was included as I’d seen it on the website but didn’t want to take a risk on buying it because I wasn’t sure what it would smell like. It reminds me of a mud face mask I used to use…it’s a fairly masculine, yet clean scent. It’s unusual and not like the scents I usually choose, but I do quite like it.
  • Blackcurrant Jam – My husband’s favourite. I thought this was really nice too. It does smell just like blackcurrant jam and is quite strong and fruity. I’d consider buying this one again.

wax melt

If you like scented candles, I’d recommend a subscription to The Melt Crowd. I’ve discovered some lovely fragrances which I’d never have even considered if it wasn’t for these boxes. The Black Tea & Almond and Welsh Cakes scents from the August box were absolutely amazing, but I’d probably not have chosen either based on their name alone.

I think the boxes are good value for what you get, especially as the melts normally cost £2 each. The melts (which are soy based and hand poured) are really long lasting (30 hours from each one) and I have really enjoyed using them.

The only thing I would change is the free burner with the first box (I was sent a yellow one, the one in the photo is my own). I think if you were subscribing to a wax melt subscription box you probably already own a burner and I’d prefer maybe a bonus melt or a couple of pounds off the first box instead I think.

On the whole, I’m really pleased with these boxes, the only problem I have is that each one lasts so long I’m finding it difficult to find the time to burn them all!


*To clarify, I was not asked to write this review and paid for the box with my own money.

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