Playskool Friends Applejack Activity Barn

Bear was recently sent the Playskool Friends Applejack Activity Barn. This is part of a range of My Little Pony toys aimed at children 18 months to 3 years.


First impressions of the toy were good. It is well made chunky plastic and comes with a tractor and two ponies included – Applejack and Pinkie Pie. There are no small parts to be lost or choked on and it has already withstood some rather rough treatment from my daughter without having so much as a mark on it.


The roof of the barn can fold out, which Bear sometimes refers to as being a slide, but at other times, uses as a ramp for the tractor. You can flip the front of the barn down to easily store the tractor and there is also a porch swing. The final feature is a wheel on the front of the barn which clicks as it turns. I’m not really sure of the purpose of the wheel other than perhaps as a bit of sensory entertainment for younger ones. It is the only part of the set Bear hasn’t really played with.


Bear immediately liked the set and the ponies, especially as it included her favourite Pinkie Pie (who she refers to as Pony Pie!). The tractor was a real hit and has been used the most, often just on its own and not in conjunction with the rest of the set. Bear also loves the porch swing, although I think the roof of the porch could be a little higher as it’s sometimes a squeeze to fit the ponies in. Bear mastered it on the third attempt, but I suspect if she’d tried even just six months ago she might have struggled.


From my point of view, I like that the barn needs no batteries, makes no annoying noises and encourages imaginary play. Bear loves making up stories for the ponies and driving them about in the tractor and it’s something she will play independently with, or play with me (I have to be the baby pony, whilst she is the ‘mammy pony’). With an RRP of £19.99 I think it is good value too and we would happily recommend it.

*We were gifted this toy to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.