The Great Dragon Bake Off

Great Dragon Bake Off

Flamie Oliver is no ordinary dragon. Flamie is a dragon who loves to bake! While his friends at the Ferocious Dragon Academy are out practicing their fire breathing, Flamie loves to stay indoors perfecting his choux pastry swans. What will his friends think when they find out his secret? And how will Flamie react when he is given the task of capturing a princess and eating her?!


What we thought

The Great Dragon Bake Off is aimed at children ages 0-5 and I was sent a copy to review with my 2 year old, Bear.

The first thing I loved was that the dragon is called Flamie Oliver. It’s one of those things that should have been mildly amusing, but it had me in hysterics, much to the confusion of my 2 year old! Don’t get me started on Flamie’s friends – Heston Blowitall, Scaly Berry (should that not have been Scary Berry?) and Paul Firewood!

Bear enjoyed this book, and in particularly she seemed to like the pictures – particularly those featuring cakes (her mother’s daughter there!). Given that she is a bit princess mad, I did wonder how she’d react to Flamie being asked to eat a princess, but she seemed to take it in her stride and was not fazed by it at all.

I thought the story was a good length. It held her attention, but was not so long that she became bored. There were a few references to things such as Finals Day, exams and graduating which I felt  was perhaps a bit of a strange choice for a children’s book, given that the children reading this would be of an age where they are more familiar with nursery or school. Saying that, Bear did seem to follow it OK and didn’t ask me any questions about it.

Overall it was an enjoyable read and the book has been brought over to me for story time most days since we received it, so I would recommend it.

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*We received our copy of this book free of charge.