The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Review

We were recently sent a copy of The Incredible Intergalactic Space Journey Home by the same people who produce the fantastic Lost My Name books we reviewed last year. This is a lovely and incredibly popular new book – it was even read out by Tim Peake in space!


Like The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name, this book is personalised. I had an idea of the content, because you are shown a preview when you go through the ordering process online, however when the book arrived there were a lot more personalised touches than I had initially realised…and of course these are what make the story so special.

The child in the book shares a name with your child and goes on a journey through space with a lemonade-loving robot friend named Hubble. The pair get lost and have to find their way back home to earth and to your child’s house.

Personalised toddler books

The story rhymes, which makes it flow well and it’s an easy read. I’d say the most impressive thing is that an aerial photograph of your home and surrounding neighbourhood is on one of the pages when the friends are returning to earth. Bear is only 2 and a half, so she didn’t immediately recognise what she was looking at he first time we read this, but I showed her our house and pointed various things out to her. Now she loves when we get to that point in the story and we talk about which path we walk down to get to the park, which way is to the shops and so on.

Personalised Book review


Another thing I liked was that on their way back, the two friends pass the Tyne Bridge and Newcastle Quayside, which is local to us living just outside of Newcastle (obviously the landmark will change depending on your location). Again, being so young, Bear did not immediately recognise it, but I described the Sage Gateshead as looking like a shiny shell and the next time we drove along the quayside, she was virtually bouncing out of her seat with excitement ‘The shiny shell from my book is over there Mammy!’.

The book retails at £19.99 which although slightly expensive for a single book, I do feel is worth it, given all the lovely personalised touches and the excitement on my daughter’s face when she reads this. As you know I don’t share my daughter’s real name here and I’m not comfortable showing the ariel picture of my house, but I’d highly recommend visiting the website and watching the video if you want to get a better idea of the book. We would thoroughly recommend this and I think it would make a brilliant gift too.

*We were sent our copy of this book free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.