Tilda Kids Review

In an ideal world I would like us to sit down and eat as a family every evening. Unfortunately, due to my husband’s working hours he sometimes doesn’t get back until after Bear’s bedtime, so either I eat with her or she eats alone and I eat with him when he gets back. Cooking two meals can be a pain, so on these occasions I do tend to turn to something quick. When I heard about Tilda Kids, which cook in just 40 seconds, they sounded like a perfect solution!

Tilda Rice for Kids Range

The pouches are suitable for any child who is weaned and happily eating solids, and there are currently four flavours in the range – mild curry rice, vegetable and wholegrain rice, cheese and tomato rice and sunshine vegetable rice. Cooking them was super simple – just tear the corner of the pack to the line shown, then stick in the microwave for 40 seconds and you’re done! As well as serving them alone, they make a great meal accompaniment and there are a whole host of recipe ideas for these pouches available on the Tilda website.

Having now tried all four of these, I am really impressed. I had a little taste of them all myself (for research purposes you understand!) and they all taste lovely. Bear liked the cheese and tomato one the best (as did I!), but they all tasted really nice and Bear finished the whole lot every time.


Each pouch counts as one of your child’s five a day and they are gluten free as well as 3 of the 4 being dairy free. Knowing these are one of Bear’s five a day eases the (self-imposed) guilt, of giving something ready-made as opposed to home cooked from scratch. The ingredients are all natural too – they are things you would recognise on a supermarket shelf, rather than lots of odd chemical sounding names!

We will definitely buy these again. They were a hit with Bear in terms of taste and a hit with me in terms of convenience!

Tilda Kids are available at most of the big supermarkets costing around £1.15 per pouch.

*We were sent four pouches to try out for the purposes of this review.